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Center brief introduction

Brief Introduction

Besides typical curriculum, vocational education also assumes the role of promoting extension education. Our university aims to fulfill these goals by setting up an extension education center and dedicating many available resources to support continuing education and lifelong learning. Specific measures include offering various supporting curriculums such as in-service training, credit-provided program, community college, and social education to address the demands of the public and local economy. Future goals includes (1) offering more credit and non-credit courses and recruiting more students, and encouraging each department to seek bilateral cooperation with other institutions, (2) strengthening collaboration with central and local government in affording continuing education, (3) broadening the content and scale of social education to attract the influx of the public for reeducation. Courses already offered in Hsinchu community college are child nursing, leisure, and senior-citizen service. 


        To meet the needs of the people in the Hsinchu area for continuing education


        To fully address the demands of the educational market in Hsinchu area by providing the best teachers from our school and associated industrial institution

Main Responsibilities

        Our major responsibilities include offering training program under the authorization of our school or the consignment of other public and private institutions, and helping each department design and develop its extension-education courses. Please dial (03) 5593142 ext 2613 or 2624 for more services or ingormation.

Miscellaneous Services

Our commitment is to enhance the quality of the labor force by strengthening their professional knowledge and helping them develop second expertise. We help to provide vocational training for the government and the institutions in the industrial sector such as National Youth Commission, Bureau of Employment and Vocational Training, Bureau of Foreign Trade, Industrial Development Bureau, Hsinchu County Government, and manufacturers in the Science-Based Industrial Park. We have established the Hsinfeng division of the Hsinchu county community college to serve the community, provide a lifelong learning facility, offer multidisciplinary study in summer and winter school program, and hold various activities for social educational purposes by effectively using all the available resources in and out of school and constantly exploring new perspectives.

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