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University Planning Center

R & D Department, briefed the Council Planning Group business:

Council Planning Group in the business portfolio, top priority for its efforts to actively promote all the short-and long-range plans of the school development planning formulation, implementation and management and test services. By this group to study the long-term search the entire 93 years in the Republic of China February 11 agreed by the Vice-Chancellor, "the new University of Science and Technology (administration, teaching) to develop the content of the framework plan," and in the same month on the 17th will be reported by the competent agreed to write the time, and then, but also March 16 by the Council of Development Committee meeting held to gather all the consensus, let Bottom-up and Top-down times interaction.

Secondly, the rationale for the Comprehensive Planning, the Ministry of Education awards grants and private technical colleges funding for the overall development of operations, the implementation of the effectiveness and visitation matters. This group based on the Ministry of Education planning time, one by one to complete bid to host the matter with the spending plan, the implementation of inventory planning, writing, amendments and with our long-range school development plan and arrange visits to the Ministry of Education and so on.

Planning all the short-and long-range school development and the rationale for planning the Ministry of Education Integrated Development Award grant funding activity of this group is duty-bound, full and active planning for this group in charge of business development for the school contribution to the energy in this group.

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