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Regulations and Documents Revise Center

In order to systemize the management of official governmental rules and regulations a first level Administration office entitled “Regulations and Documents Revise Center was established August 2005. It is staffed with one managing Director and a Clerk Assistant. Together they offer consulting and support services related to providing access to official governmental information from the Ministry of Education (MOE). They administer the official document filing, maintenance and retrieval process.


To improve the quality of the administration of official documents and to protect the rights of the faculty, staff and students alike the latest revisions of the 268 regulations and documents from the MOE are posted on the Ming Hsin of Science and Technology (MUST) website. Everyone then has free access to consult this information.


The Center also acts as a repository for outdated versions of the rules and regulations which will be made available for further reference upon request.


In addition, the Center will collect and distribute the most up-to-date information from the MOE to provide a notice and announcement of relevant changes. This process will enable MUST to quickly incorporate and conform to the latest governmental requirements.

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