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Brief introduction of every group

Cashier: Integrate the human resources, curriculum, administration, and accounting systems to   create an overall salary-management information system, which can provide real-time useful information.

Document Section: Redisign and reorganize the present official-document management system through computerization to speed up the filing process for better preservation purposes.

General Affairs: design the landscape to beautify the campus with trees and flowers to transform it into a park- like atmosphere. Eliminate any barriers in order to provide access. Electronically process the application and dispatch procedures to accelerate the repair and maintenance process. Introduce the idea of environmental protection to preserve the environment. Use an electronic alarm system to ensure campus safety.

Procurement Section: use an e-procurement and purchasing process system for sourcing, bidding, negotiation, supplier selection and issuing purchase orders to save time, budget, improve accuracy and management.

Property Management: For the Real Estate legally obtain the ownership for the property, and collect related legal documents for older buildings. Movable property: upgrade the financial management system to reduce the processing time and make the most out of the existing facilities.

Construction and Maintenance: Execution of various new construction. projects including: sewage treatment system, student dormitory, buildings for the College of Management, the College of Engineering, Night School, Administration, and a multiple-purpose classroom building, 800T water reservoir tower, 5E building, and development of the back valley.

Lab Safety and Health: develop a well organized and managed safety and sanitation system by constantly rehearsing safety routines, as well as to strictly follow the regulations and standard operating procedures to prevent unsafe actions and accidents while students are conducting experiments and tests. Complete all the water and electricity pipelines, bridge an instant and reliable maintenance channel, and improve water and fire disaster prevention facilities to ensure safety on campus. 

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