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Dean of Academic Affairs

Office of Academic Affairs


The responsibilities of the Office of Academic Affairs includes:

a.      Courses arrangement and programming

b.     Student enrollment and registration

c.      General academic affairs

d.     Drafting regulations for academic affairs

e.      Graduate academic affairs

f.        Other academic-related affairs


The Recruitment Process at Minghsin University of Science and Technology

At Minghsin University of Science and Technology,  students are taught practical skills as well as theoretical knowledge. According to day-time and evening courses and the ways of recruitment, the students are divided into three groups-- day-time, extension education and junior college of extension students. Day-time students include: graduate students, four-year-program students and two-year-program students. School of Extension Education recruits:  graduate students,  four-year program and two-year program students, and four-year-program students with special employment backgrounds. The Affiliated College of Extension Education recruits students for the two-year program and two-year junior college program only. Graduate school which offers a master degree, includes:  extension education, recruits students on an independent basis. Recruitment for day-time colleges is conducted in different ways---one is the recruiting from the students assigned by the United Recruitment Center and the other is selecting from the applicants who are high school graduates, and the list recommended by high school teachers or school authorities, and also from applicants with special skills. The School of Extension Education recruits students from both the four-year and two-year programs from a list assigned by the Regional Recruitment Center; but students with special employment backgrounds are recruited an independent basis. The Affiliated School of Extension Education also recruits students independently. In order to promote an international academic exchange program, the courses are open to oversea students, whose application should be submitted before April 30th .

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