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Extracurricular activities play an essential role in education, but their importance is often neglected. The primary role of the Division is to provide a good space for the development of student clubs and associations. In the operation of associations, students may acquire knowledge and skills beyond their coursework, including communication, self-growth as well as leadership management.

MUST believes that students’ participation in student clubs and extracurricular activities are important to their learning and will enrich their life. Currently, we have 65 different student clubs, including Entertaining Clubs, Academic Clubs, Art Clubs, Service Clubs and Physical Training Clubs. The main area for extracurricular activities is located at Zongshan Building, which covers 3,800 square meters, supplying a sufficient area for students' extracurricular activities. Generally speaking, students of MUST are actively involved in the clubs and club activities. In order to encourage extracurricular activities, our University regularly offers every club sufficient assistance and space.

The Student Union is the most important student affairs self-governing association in MUST. The major purpose of the Student Union is to provide consultation and service to students in need. The Student Union also focuses on holding university activities and being the communication medium between students and the university. Students can also voice their opinions about the University’s operating direction and policy.

Emphasizing initiative service, the Division's responsibilities contain three main items:
  • Students' rewards, funds, grants, scholarship, and assistantship.
  • Student activities and associations. As a result of the economic downturn and withdrawal of public subsidies, today’s students have increasing demand for financial support. The Division tries to assist students with obtaining appropriate grants or funds, and, if possible, identifies students in need of help.
  • The Division assists the school to conduct the significant celebrations and the activities such as the school anniversary, celebration party and the graduation ceremony.

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