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Introduction of The housing Service Section

Welcome to join us. The following is a brief introduction of the dorms at Minghsin University of Science And Technology

The student dorms of Minghsin University of Science And Technology are six buildings in total. Among them, four buildings are dorms for male students; two buildings for female students. The entire semester rent in these buildings varies: Zhongxiao BuildingNTD19,000, Ren BuildingNTD23,000, and Sin Building NTD19,000. The four Buildings can totally accommodate 1,100 male students. Rooms in the Ren Building accommodate 2 people in one room, while rooms in other Buildings accommodate 4 people each. For female dorms, each room in both Ai Building and Ti-An Building  accommodates four people. The entire semester rent of Ai Building is NTD 19,000, and that of Ti-An Building is NTD 26,000. Rooms in Ti-An Building are bathrooms equipped, while others have bathrooms in public areas.


      Each room in the dorms includes air conditioner, fan, and ADSL. Utilities are included in the rent except that the electricity fee of air conditioning is charged separately. For your convenience, there are lounges in each Building. You can use coaches and LCD TVs in these areas. In addition, there are public kitchens on every floor. You can use appliances including fridges, cookers, ovens and microwave ovens. Please feel free to use them for cooking, dining or storing your food. You may cook by yourself to minimize your living expenses. We also provide you with laundry spaces, clothes drying spaces, washing machines and dryers, etc..


      There are several male staff and female staff in the student dorms. Besides, the dorms committee members are elected every semester. The students have the rights to vote for willing-to-serve students as committee members for the dorms autonomy. Thus, the dorms affairs can be carried out and fulfilled by the students on their own. The committee members have to call the roll every evening in order to reinforce the security of the dorms. Instructors on duty stay in the dorms every night so that any emergency can be handled properly if necessary. Furthermore, in order to make our environment safer, we hire security guards who provide a 24-7 comprehensive protection of our school. The guards patrol the neighborhood of the campus to protect the security of the students. To make sure every student is safe in the dorms, a 24-hour entrance/exit monitoring system is equipped in all Buildings. You can not enter or leave the dorms without your student ID card. The mandatory dorm curfew is 11 pm. If you have special reasons and have to come back to the dorms later than 11pm, please fulfill the required forms before hand at the help desk. In order to protect the properties, CCTV monitoring system is used in dorms. We have fire drills on a semesterly basis. The students in dorms are trained to learn and practice how to evacuate and use emergency facilities if it’s on fire or other emergency occurs. We also hold warm and neighborly events or dorms parties each semester to build good friendship among the students. You will feel the dorms are just like your homes. Enjoy it!

Service time : AM 8:00 ~ PM 5:00
Location : 1F Chung Dormitory
Internal phone number : 8620

External phone number : +(886-3)5593-142#8620 Xiu-Yue Zhong


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