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Due to the growing attention of campus energy conservation and environmental protection and laboratory safety and health, the school approved on January 27, 2011 the establishment of "Environmental Safety and Health Center" according to regulations to take charge of environmental protection, energy and resources, health and safety and disaster prevention and other services in the school.



Development Features

u  Environmental Safety and Health Center integrates and aggregates the whole campus environmental protection, energy and resource managements, security and disaster prevention and relief and other related services.

u  The center promotes environmental health and safety laws and regulations and fortifies environmental health and safety concept to build the great attention of campus environmental health and safety culture. Accident and disaster preventions are implemented in departments, institutes and laboratories and are expected to be expanded to daily life and future careers.

u  The center expects cooperation with efforts to actively join and comply with health and safety regulations and to keep campus health and safety as the common obligations and objectives.



Future development

In compliance with occupational safety and health related laws and regulations of the Ministry of Education, the center expects to cooperate with all other units to promote campus safety and health services to provide teachers and students good and safe learning environments and to promote campus environmental protection, energy saving, health and safety towards sustainable developments.



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