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Administrative Offices flash
Service regulation

Property management

1. Work equipment enter in account, management.

2. The property classification, the serial number, the indication paste to attach.

3. The public equipment borrows certainly registers.


Financial control

1. Inventory of the regular property.

2. Processing of property fluctuation and the abandonment goods.

3. Office supplies Shen Gouling uses.


Gives the teller to manage

1. Receives the payment fragmentary school grades to spend and other sundry charges.

2. Collects the payment fragmentary automobile car park permit expense.


Safety control

1. School district at night water and electricity facility overhaul.

2. Fire protection, security, facility maintenances and so on against Taiwan.

3. At night urgent disaster prevention processing.


Records management

Temporary file, regular file, permanent records management.


Self-supporting student management

The steam engine vehicle parking lot and the extracurricular important street intersection self-supporting student supervise, the management and the inspection


Turns over the handling temporarily the general affairs work item

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