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Office of International and Cross-Strait Affairs


Brief Introduction


Education internationalization has always been an important strategy for advanced countries to cope with global economic development and enhance overall national competitiveness. Since campus internationalization was first promoted and government’s higher education export policy was first enacted several years ago, we have been dedicated to enrolling international students, strengthening academic exchanges and developing new teaching methods. Great progress has been made over the years.


The number of overseas students enrolled in our school every year has increased from less than 10 students / year in 2007 to more than 100 students / year as of today. By the end of 2012, total number of overseas students at our school has ranked top 4 among technical colleges and top 1 among private technical colleges throughout Taiwan. In order to show our resolution for campus internationalization, we have invited Ministry of Education over to conduct 2 site visits at our school from 2013 to 2015. Based on Ministry of Education’s advices, we have made a special effort to improve our international affair administration in terms of several aspects.


In order to strengthen our decision and execution for promoting campus internationalization, International and Cross-Strait Affairs Promotion Committee was set up in 2014 to help evaluate effectiveness and realization of international affairs at our school, before putting corresponding strategies and plans into real action. In July 2016, Office of International and Cross-Strait Affairs was set up, integrating 4 second-tier units such as “Office of International Affairs”, “Cross-Strait Communication”, “International Students Service Section” and “Chinese Language Education Center”. At the same time, in order to expand the enrollment and service of overseas Chinese students, a new Overseas Chinese Students Education and Exchange Center was also set up to consolidate overseas affairs, improve administrative efficiency and develop our international competitiveness.


Development Features


International Education and Exchange Center

International Education and Exchange Center provides several important services such as seeking alliance with overseas colleges, promoting intercollegiate exchanges, enrolling overseas students, conducting student exchange program, meeting foreign guests, organizing overseas summer / winter camps, providing overseas education consultation services, and arranging international education & exchange program. By bringing our geographical advantages and administrative features into full play, an international education & exchange program generated from industry-academic collaboration can be fully developed.


Overseas Chinese Students Education and Exchange Center

Overseas Chinese Students Education and Exchange Center mainly provides overseas Chinese students from Hong Kong and Macau districts with professional consultation services and instant supports, so they can better adapt to their new environment in Taiwan. Alliance between overseas colleges (at Hong Kong & Macau) and private educational groups were also actively sought after to facilitate academic exchange and short-term study.


Cross - Strait Education and Exchange Center

Cross - Strait Education and Exchange Center is mainly responsible for the substantial exchange between our school and Mainland China. As of today, we have successfully dispatches a total of 120 students to participate in the summer camps hosted by Huaqiao University, Hubei University of Chinese Medicine, Education Department of Fujian Province, and Dongguan University of Technology. Our College of Engineering has also formulated a delegate team to participate in “University Culture & Creative Forum across Taiwan Straits” and ultimately brought back many prizes.


Overseas Students Service Center

Overseas Students Service Center is a single service window for overseas students. Students can seek professional consultation from Overseas Students Service Center to have their various problems and questions resolved. Overseas student consultation can be further subdivided into 4 major categories, including cultural adaptation, learning adaptation, life adaptation and interpersonal adaptation. Concrete actions taken were fully described as below: (1) Cultural adaptation lectures such as “Round-the-Island Journey” and “Visiting Local Cultural Heritage” were delivered, so that overseas students can better understand domestic culture and have their misunderstanding generated from cultural differences eliminated. (2) Learning exchanges between domestic students and overseas students were encouraged, while overseas students from upper grades were also invited over to share about their own learning experiences. (3) Overseas student clubs were established to provide overseas students with a sense of belongingness and a dedicated channel to express themselves. (4) Common activities between local students and overseas students were arranged, so that an exchange platform can be fully established to shorten overseas student’s interpersonal adaptation timespan.


Mandarin Education and Training Center

To be in line with international standards, Mandarin Education and Training Center was established to promote Chinese Language Education, facilitate international academic exchange and provide overseas students with Chinese Language Education Programs. By providing overseas students with complete Chinese Language Education Program, overseas students can adapt to their new lives more quickly. Our Chinese Language Education Program is specifically designed to meet new trends of education globalization and suffice international community’s demand for Chinese Language Talents.


Future Prospect


1.    To be in line with government’s new south forward policy, substantial exchange and collaboration with national education industries at Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, and Indonesia will be further realized and strengthened.

2.    By conducting short term study at our school, we hope that more overseas students can get to know Chinese culture and Taiwanese culture better.

3.    Under current political development, cross-strait exchange will be facilitated to expand student source, improve teacher training, and raise teaching quality.

4.    Due to sub-replacement fertility and overseas student enrollment, multi-national classroom will soon become a norm in Taiwan. We will be dedicated to establishing a reasonable interaction platform for local students and overseas students, so all students can conduct mutual exchange, accept different cultures, and have their horizon widely broadened.

5.    We expect overseas students to lay a solid foundation for their Chinese language and understanding towards Taiwanese culture. We also expect overseas students to spread Taiwanese culture to every corner around the world once they finish their studies and return to their homelands, so that Taiwanese culture will become even more popular among international community.

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