MUST Graduation Ceremony, year 2023


The 2023 graduation ceremony was held at the Zhong Zheng Hall on the morning of June 10th. Due to the impact of the COVID-19, it has been suspended for two years and shifted to an online format. The 2023 graduation ceremony carries the theme of "Re:Start," symbolizing a fresh beginning after graduation and encouraging graduates to fearlessly embark on a new journey despite the challenges. Distinguished guests from Australia, the Philippines, Japan, Vietnam, and other countries joined to celebrate and bid farewell to 3,137 graduates. The highlight of this year's graduation ceremony will be a joint performance of the school anthem by five senior alumni and the graduates, symbolizing the passing down of traditions.


President Liu Kuo-Wei(劉國偉) expressed that the university journey of this graduating class has been truly exceptional, with over 3/4 of their time spent under pandemic restrictions. However, this has also provided them with a unique learning experience. President Liu hopes that the graduates will break free from the limitations imposed by the pandemic and step into a brand-new future after leaving the campus. He encourages them not to fear the changing social environment and to embark on their journey with confidence, taking big steps forward.


This year's graduation ceremony has received significant attention and participation from the graduates. The number of attendees, including both domestic and foreign graduates and their families, reached approximately 1,200, flooding the ceremony venue. Those unable to attend in person can participate through live streaming. During the ceremony, the "Outstanding Achievement Award for Graduates" was presented to five students: Jiang Bingjin(江秉瑾) from the Department of Electronic Engineering, Ling Zigan(凌梓淦) from the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, Wu Weilin(巫威霖) from the Department of Information Management, Shi Yue(石岳) from the Department of Sports Management, and Chen Siyu(陳思宇) from the Department of Hotel Management and Culinary Creativity. Zhang Yuhan(張宇涵), a Atayal graduate from the Department of Early Childhood Education and Care, attended the ceremony dressed in traditional aboriginal attire. Her siblings are also students at the school, diligently pursuing excellence in different fields.


Unlike traditional graduation ceremonies featuring celebrity speeches, this year the school prepared a special gift by inviting renowned singer Tseng Pets(曾沛慈) as a surprise guest to bless the event through her performance. Tseng Pets's appearance sparked tremendous excitement and cheers throughout the venue, with graduates exclaiming, "The best graduation gift package!"


At the conclusion of the graduation ceremony, the school anthem was sung by the five senior alumni alongside the graduates. Although the school anthem may seem simple to perform as a group, it is not an easy task. Despite the 40-year age gap between the alumni and the graduates, the school anthem bridged the gap, allowing the graduation ceremony to end on a heartwarming note of continuity.(Source: Extracurricular Activities Section)