Health Care Unit

Unit Introduction and Characteristics

The Health Care Unit is located on the first floor of Zong Shan Bldg. It has a full-time Head of Health Protection Team and 4 Nursing Clinicians. We provide general trauma treatment and bandaging for teachers and students in the school, emergency care and referral on campus, loan of health care products and equipment, nutrition consultation and management of food and kitchen (Service Hours: Monday to Friday 8: 00 ~ 22: 00, Saturday 8: 00 ~ 12: 00).


    According to the above six categories under the purview of the Health Care Unit, we provide related health education activities that follow our eight education strategies, the school affairs development features and the mid-to-long term plan of the Group: First Aid Training (including CPR + AED), Sports Injuries, Community Services , Physical and Mental Health, Sex Education (AIDS prevention and treatment), meal Wei propaganda class, catering in the health management business, nutrition education advocacy, environmental protection and smoking cessation prevention program promotion, as well as other creative activities.


Work Content

1. Health Advisory Services.

2. Evaluation of Emergency Ambulances

3. Handling applications of student groups for Ping An Insurance medical benefits.

4. Providing student health checks and tracking abnormal health checks

5. Promoting health care activities.

6. Mental Health Supervision.

7. Regular school environment disinfection; reducing the vector of mosquito breeding.

8. Qualification for the Maternal Health Protection Plan

9. Acceptance of Abnormal High-risk Workload Plans

10. Proposing improvements for hazardous working environments

11. Inspections for illegal infringement of workplace units

12. Management of new employee health checks and data preservation.

13. Analysis and tracking, evaluation, health management and data storage of faculty and staff health examination results.


Location and Extension

Zong Shan Bldg. 1F

ext. 2355,2356,2360,2361, 2363