The Center is responsible for handling the admissions process for international students. Its main purpose is to assist and support prospective international students throughout the application process, providing information about admission requirements, procedures, and deadlines.


Main work includes:

Application processing: We receive and process internationalstudent applications, ensuring that all required documents are submitted and within the deadlines. We review application materials, such as academic transcripts, standardized test scores, recommendation letters, and study plan essays, to determine eligibility for admission.


Communication and support:

We serve as the primary contact for international applicants, addressing any questions or concerns and providing support throughout the application process. We are available for communication through email, phone, or Line group online chat to guide students through various stages of admission.


Scholarship information:

We provide detailed information about the scholarships available to international students. This includes the eligibility criteria, application deadlines, required documents, and selection process. We ensure that prospective students are aware of the scholarship opportunities and guide them through the appropriate steps.